Excuse me if this isn't what the OP wanted, but it's what I interpreted:

To have a "drag & drop" formatted search bar. You would find a picture on your local hard drive and then drag it on top of the DuckDuckGo search bar. You can try this for yourself if you go to GoogleImages, and then drag a picture onto their search bar.

Until reading this I didn't know that Google had this capability, because I normally would use to reverse image search. Maybe someone could make a connection with the management of TinEye to use their services? (I'm not sure how the technical stuff works)

The results that Tineye would receive from analyzing the picture would be displayed within the answer box in a neat manner. Each similar image found would be showing, along with the URL of that image (probably shortened, but hard-linked) beneath it. Maybe even further, if you positioned your mouse above a certain image, it would show a zoomed in, bigger picture; but then if you moved your mouse off of it, they would all be conveniently small sized so that they don't take up a lot of landscape.
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