There are two major things that I think DDG must institute to aggressively compete with Google...News and Images. There is clearly great interest for both, but being that this is the place for News related ideas, I will offer a few of my own on that topic.

I think a good news site should include the following...

1) Have it's own framework, separate from the standard DDG search results, so as to clearly differentiate between the two.
2) Allow full page view with categories to the left.
3) Aggregate RSS feeds from unlimited resources and store them in a news database.
4) Store various attributes about the feed such as topic, region, description, genre, date, resource, author, etc. so as to organize and group them by the same.
5) Should have a search box for searching just the news feeds.
6) Provide a DDG preview page of the feed with links to the resource's article (open in new tab).
6) Allow user comments to be appended to the end of a news preview (preview page).
7) Not necessary, but would be cool to allow amateur bloggers to contribute to the news pool to build their own news portfolio.

I have developed an aggregator that I would be happy to contribute to the cause. It is either in VB or PHP (can't remember which at the present time). It will store RSS resources and check for updated feeds every x-seconds and download them when they exist. It would need some work, but I think it could be a good foundation for a great news site to compete with G-news.

I am not sure if users can email me about this, but I will follow this post. But Gabe, you can dig up my email from your db and get hold of me if you're interested.
posted by DaveGerard 5 years and 1 month ago Link