Yeah, its on my TODO list pretty high, I will add it very soon, most of elements required are there now. The bigger part of this mission is to offer an (at least) minimal cropping tool for taking the square out of a non square picture. The usage of gravatar was at the beginning just most easy :). I agree that its not the best privacy option and I just can say as usual: so much todo so less time :).
posted by getty 4 years and 11 months ago Link

Hey @Getty, if it can be of any help you might want to check out this decentralized, self-hosted (optionally) and open source alternative to Gravatar, named Libravatar. I think it might fit well with our OpenID implementation. Does that make any sense? : P
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Thanks for the link. It's awesome and very helpful, I have some privacy concerns, but then, who doesn't? :-)
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