To expand on yegg's notes, we absolutely want more community involvement and insight into the things that are going on. The entire goal of the platform is to make a watering hole where everyone gets together to improve DuckDuckGo and shape it with the community.
A couple weeks ago, we started doing weekly Community Activity emails to the DuckDuckHack developers list to help the devs in our open source community see which things the community is asking for (via posts to the ideas forum, github issues/improvements, etc.) and which things we could use help on.
We've done a lot of growing in the past 6 months and, unfortunately, the open source developer side hasn't kept pace. When we spotted the lag in turnaround for community stuff, we completely overhauled everything and it spurred building the forum, the notifications system, the ideas submissions, etc. It's quite a lot of work for a couple of people but we definitely understand that it could be greatly improved.
To that end, we're also in the midst of a more robust, "community leader" program for outstanding contributors so that we can both highlight the people who are helping us (a little help goes a long long way for a team our size) and help organize the community into a more team-based system.
To help get more interaction between developers and non-developers, we plan to add github activity directly to the community platform so that all reporting, updates, comments, etc. can be viewed in one place (since more segmentation means less interaction).

Sincere apologies if there's any frustration, however, the language used in your post is not tolerated by anyone in this community, regardless of the circumstances. The forum rules were voted on by the community and should always be considered before posting.
The general community guideline is to delete posts that violate the community rules, especially offensive posts. We'd definitely like to address any/all feedback of any/all community members and I believe this may lead to a valuable discussion of how we can better improve community transparency and involvement. For that reason, can you please edit your post to remove the offensive language? I would like to keep this conversation going here but nobody should have to read that---
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