Hello ScreapDK and all interested readers,

of course I can understand your demur with blocking google services, but I have no problem myself to surrender without those services, as like many of our customers, who have security in mind, like we from WSecure, do.
I think this is also a reason why we all here use DDC and e.g. do a SSL websearch instead of regular http requests, or a simple google search. (Yes, even google redirected there website now to https, so why use any different?)

Google has to give "us" some services "we like", so they can grab our informations from us, but if you, like us, do not want to leave all like it is, we have to go new ways and find solutions for it.

Again, this is why I did now recommend this feature and as we can see, some will like it, some will not.

But at least it is possible for DDC to include it for those who would like to use it and I hope my suggestion finds an open ear at DDC.

Maybe more, who actually feel like ScreapDK and me, will also support this feature here and somewhen DDC will come up with it! :)

Kind regards,

WSecure - We Secure IT
posted by WSecure 5 years and 1 month ago Link

btw, sry for DDC I surely meant DDG... grrr
posted by WSecure 5 years and 1 month ago Link