Hello zac,

I really would like to but somehow there is no "edit" button, while on the main-topic post one is!
That is the reason why I posted the:
(Edit for a Mod: I may broke your forum-rules while posting the link of my website below in another answer, if so, please remove just the link, but leave the post. I did edit all other postings, which I could, to hopefully meet all rules. Thank you!)
in the first posting here.
(Actually I just found out about my fail because of and directly tried to remove all my links from my postings. Just this one I couldn't!)

All I could do now is remove the whole post and then repost my reply to "leet" and TV... but I don't know how this thread will look like then... sry!

Can't you just delete the weblink for me please? I assume you should have the rights to edit any posting, or?

Beside this, I did read the forum-rules and it doesn't really say that you are not allowed to post such. e.g.
No advertisements or spam.
Unless the link is related to DuckDuckGo and the content of your post, don't post it. (However, if your website is related to DuckDuckGo, we encourage you to share it.)
While my website has a link to duckduckgo as a suggestion since months...
Think before you delete.
Please use caution when editing or deleting older posts as changing them might disrupt the flow of conversation.
No affiliate or referral links.
Please do not post any links to websites in which you stand to gain financially from users buying products or signing up for products through your links.
There are no such links on my site...
did I miss anything else?

Kind regards,

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