thanks @crazedpsyc I'll summarize my aim in some points:

Purpose: Integrating all DDG services/goodies and apps in Main Page.

1) "As mentioned in my previous comment" in the main page as it's really confusing that when I enter DDG from desktop I don't know about android and iPhone app.
2) !bangs is great but there is a thousand of them which make searching for a specific one really painful WHY didn't just sort them in a graphical way instead of that bangs endless page?! "I could explain more in that point in another comment".
3) Goodies, for the god sake WHY when I press goodies it redirects me to the search page PLUS goodies on the side? why just didn't integrate it on the main page!!
4) Themes, I know that DDG looks cool but where is the customization? also where is DDG for Windows 8 "Touch enabled" design? also as you know world is moving to flat design "Microsoft, Google...etc" so it would be more great to see DDG dressed in pure flat design.

this what got in my mind now maybe I could suggest more later...
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1) Understood, and I suppose that's a fair point. I'd never considered looking for things like that from the desktop, but I do not represent the general populace ;-)

2) Definitely agreed. The !bangs page is one of the next things on the list to completely redesign.

3) Now here, I don't know what you mean. https://duckduckgo.com/goodies should show you three columns: categories | goodies in the selected category | example result from the selected goodie; though the last is notably rather slow and doesn't even show a result all the time (also known and on the list).
From what you said, it sounds like you are not seeing that at all?

4) https://duckduckgo.com/settings has three predefined colour themes (under the color tab). In that tab and "Look & Feel," you can customize just about everything however you like it.
I personally can't stand the "flat" (i.e. excess padding/wasted space) design fad... but that's not really relevant.

Above all, one of our design goals is killing the clutter. The homepage is made to be simple and easy to search from, not to flood users with options / other places to go. That's why it only makes links relevant to your current environment readily available.
That said, I do still understand your first point, and I believe that could be solved by a general link like "apps" or "other platforms" under the More menu.
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thanks again, to clarify point 3 I mean https://duckduckgo.com/goodies provides the "goodies" itself plus normal search option in the above bar but the main DDG page https://duckduckgo.com provides only search feature, So why didn't just integrate Goodies in the main page instead of making them in a separate link? to make main page have both search and goodies"by kind of drop down list". but I see now that killing the clutter concept maybe against that,right?
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Definitely a better concept to have them easily accessible from search. We're thinking about how best to do that.
We wanted to give people an interactive reference tool to explore the instant answers, not so much a quick-reference. Based on the feedback we've gotten, though, I think they're both independently useful ideas.
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