Sorry, no, I didn't see the pages that you reference. I don't (won't) go to !g and I don't currently run Ubuntu.

The fact is, there are plenty of examples that go both ways, some show all platform offerings, some show what is available for the current user's platform. There's no right or wrong, its a matter of choice.

From the main DDG page, if you click on More\Help\Browsers it take you to this spiffy page: https://duck.co/help/mobile

Personally, I prefer knowing what's available for the environment that I am currently using especially when on a mobile device (phone) because too many choices are hard to choose from with tiny touch points and fat fingers like mine. :)

I believe that I found out about the app by searching for DuckDuckGo in the app store, that's pretty straightforward too.
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thanks for your comment, Notifying the desktop user that "there is also an app available for your phone" is a great feature..we are just talking about how to know him that by Directly but an address linking to it in "more" list or making it harder by going deep to help page then "mobile" section.

and you're right searching app-store is straight forward but also I believe if you're a new user and want to try DDG for the first time of course you're not gonna hold your phone and open the store to search for it! you'll play around with the Main Page and that's what I mean Main Page must contain a lot of DDG services/apps to show up why it's great.
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