You can hide your ip address using this software
This could mask your IP with a fake one.

To change your ip following the procedures Given below:

Is your ip Static or Dynamic. If your ip is static then you cannot change your ip address. Otherwise your ip address is dynamic, you can change your ip address following the procedures:
Simply turn off or unplug your modem for about five minutes. (You don't have to turn your computer off.)
If that doesn't work, try unplugging your modem overnight and checking your IP address the next morning.

After that you can check your ip address change/hid or not using the site Here it display Internet service provider, IP address, location, Longitude, latitude and so on...
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The static/dynamic explanation in this post is the real answer to OP's question.

Else, use a "web-based proxy". It's a site where you paste in a URL, and the site loads the URL inside of it. No networking reconfiguration or other programs are necessary.
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