I too vote for I2P.

How many different projects can one user sugest?
How many will be suppotrted in the end? one or two or more?

If I can nomiate more than one:

- I2P - because privacy/anonymity matters, and unlike tor which has plenty of money, I2P does not have big sponsors and was never government-funded. It has grown substantially lately, so it's not a dead project. Also it's seeing more and more academic review. Adittionally, it's fully decentralized/distributed

- I2p-Bote: serverless (Bote-net-internal) e-mail: it's end-to end encrypted (privacy/security) and serverless. Unlike PGP it encrypts metadata too and it cannot be taken down since there is no server

- twister a secure and anonymos twitter based on bitcoin and bittorrent

Thank you.

- OpenBSD - blob-free, purely open source / free software with focus on security
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