I'd like to echo the nominations for i2p. The i2p project has proven remarkably successful for having such a tiny budget. Even one paid developer (and the publicity from a DuckDuckGo award) could be remarkably productive. The i2p network is an excellent complement to Tor and may be the best solution for providing some privacy for peer-to-peer file sharing.

There are also many great "privacy-by-design" technologies being developed for the i2p network (e.g. i2pbote - an encrypted decentralized email alternative)


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I don't think anyone has gotten paid, other than bounties. I2P is hardcore, no one needs a salary. The donations they CLEARLY deserve from DDG should go towards important bounties, and that should be openly discussed and decided. Personally, I think the bounties should focus on a more secure DNS system, such as I2P-adapted Namecoin. The money should also be use to encourage more widespread adoption. Tor is great, but it doesn't have torrents and eMule.
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