We are no new "network", of course we will never be added to this list, we are no own protocol, we are just a plain XMPP server.
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That's the same with Facebook and Gtalk. Both use the XMPP protocol. They are there just to make it easier on the users who want to use those accounts in libpurple.
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You are correct, but GTalk was SSL disabled and Facebook Chat is both SSL disabled and has a long URL - both are, allegedly, popular servers.

If both were secured and Facebook Chat domain was, then these two would not be listed uniquely.

I strongly suggest to use a normal XMPP server

GTalk, CrapBook and CrapSpace are not as good.

P.S. Pidgin is buggy. Use Gajim or Psi+.
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While I did see the screen shot I believe poster would like to have DDG populated in the server domain suggestion field once xmpp texting is selected.

(different screen shot would be required)

Other [platform specific] clients of note:

Conversations, android
Xabber Dev, android
Yaxim, android

Psi+, cross platform
Pidgin, cross platform
Jitsi, as pictured in screen shot, cross platform

ChatSecure, ios or android

Each of which afaik has a domain suggestion option [for JID creation]

only mentioned are those clients capable of both OTR and appropriate secure connections to server.
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