What about songs with funny lyrics that nobody can understand, like "wooly booly"? Would the search criteria be "!songbylyrics xxx", where "xxx" is the lyrics?

Would this be easily expandable to books, in a grep sort of fashion? "!bookbywords xxx"

Sounds like copyright territory. Lyrics are copyrighted material, usually. So are the musical scores. Which is why we refer to them by their titles and albums. But, as an owner of such material one might be able to tell people which song/book they were referring to, without violating the copyright. The issue there, is that duckduckgo would have to either rely completely on open-source information or own a copy of every piece of literature.

I think someone needs to start open-sourcing the song-lyrics, first. If that is even legal. And, that is no easy task, by itself.
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 11 months ago Link