You say this site is aimed at novice users, yet you recommend disabling the malware and phishing protection. For novice users, the likelihood of ending up on malicious sites is high, while the benefit of disabling those features is slim at best.
* The sites you visit are checked locally against a list downloaded from Google. I cannot stress this enough. Unlike other browsers, Firefox doesn't send every page you visit to anyone.
* When you hit a site that's on the blacklist, Firefox will double-check with Google to see if the site is still blacklisted.
* When downloading the list (every 20–30 minutes), Google gets the usual HTTP(S) connection information like IP address and user agent string, as well as some URL parameters that mark the browser as Firefox. If you accept cookies from (the default setting), then Google will get additional information out of that cookie, like a unique identifier. Look up Google PREF cookie for details on what they put in there; there's a unique identifier, the time the cookie was set, the time it was last modified, and what appears to be a checksum.

As you can see from the support article, Mozilla made Google totally pinky swear not to use any collected data for anything besides improving the malware and phishing protection feature.

Adblock Plus isn't just for blocking ads. It can prevent tracking, same as the Disconnect add-on you have prominently listed at the top. Although this behavior isn't the default, new users are presented with a first run page that allows them to enable the feature.

RefControl can prevent the referrer from being sent by default. It can either send it for first-party requests only, or it can send it only to sites on a user-defined list.

The Firefox logo was changed last year. The old logo makes your site look outdated.
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