Thanks for responding, and apologies for being a techno-klutz.

As browser, I use Firefox almost exclusively, with DDG as a search engine. My Firefox is up-to-date. I do not use or have Chrome installed. I do have (and very occasionally use) Internet Explorer (also up to date).

To get the Rich Format back in my GMail, I first closed Firefox/DDG, then re-opened Firefox and selected Google as my search engine. I googled "g mail log in", logged in and -- hey, presto, all features restored. As of 5 minutes ago, it seems I can once again log in via Firefox/DDG and access the Rich Format tools in GMail. So it looks like this may have been a by-product of Google tweaking GMail, and probably transitory.

Probably unrelated, but yesterday at the same time, I had problems with Yahoo Groups (all of the several I'm in) refusing to "compose message." When I e-mailed the message from my GMail account to the YGroup, the messages were posted with no problems. Yahoo has definitely been tweaking their e-mail & Groups,with relatively minor format changes showing up recently. (The Big Gulp changes were August / Sept. 2013 -- caused a user furor.)


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