Passing the teapot around to the entire DDG crew and community. This reimagined version of DuckDuckGo is a stunning treat for us who quack through searches daily.

Please pass on my "cool beans (or in this case tea leaves)" to the design and front end folks for achieving a very minimalist and modern look. The design is reminiscent of my favorite Markdown editor, Byword - the extra fluff just gets out of the way while you achieve the right focus in the areas where we get our searches done.

I love the product decisions that went into this design. I *really* like your vision for images and videos. The carousel approach is really slick. Teapot lid tips to the back-end folks for achieving a speedy experience. Well done! Thank you for *not* bringing endless scrolling to these areas. I'll take *click more* over latency in load times any day of the week.

A few bugs aside, the experience, feel and look is **elegant**.

The other search engines better watch out - of course I already give my queries exclusively to DDG. I don't recall when I last told someone to *Google-it*. These days, it's all about **Duck It**.
posted by teaneedz 4 years and 8 months ago Link