I am sorry, but having been using DDG as my primary search engine for pretty much 6 years now, I really disliked the new redesign.

The first critical problem to me is contrast, it is really bad atm, making it hard to read and focus on a given result. This is much worse when using f.lux (even worse at night, given the adjustments f.lux does).

I also disliked the left-align on everything, I rather have it centered as it currently is. When using big widescreen monitors there is a lot of whitespace in the middle of the screen and the results show up all the way to the lower left corner... It is pretty uncomfortable to look all the way there and this makes it harder on the contrast part too because there is so much bright light already coming from the background and the font color is a light greyish. This is especially worse in multi-monitor setups.

The image and video search tabs are great, and I really like the fact they replace zero-click results when you click on them, but I wouldn't leave them in the fixed header, there is just no need for them to be there. This would reduce the size of the fixed header and make it even better.

When scrolling results using j and k, the greyish background it adds to each result makes the contrast even worse. I remember when they were yellowish, they were better back then, imo. But current design works too. I also miss the current border around it, it makes it much easier for you to find yourself if you are switching tabs and going back to the results page. I haven't measured, but the font also seems a couple pixels smaller, is it?

It is also harder to distinguish between results. It all seems like a blob of text, hard to skim through results looking just at the title. In the current design this is fantastically easy, given titles are blue. I only read stuff below the title if the title is of interest. In the new design this is much harder to do, there is not enough contrast between the title and the text under it. Keep it blue, there is absolutely no reason to change this.

About the auto-suggestion, this is interesting, I switched to DDG at the same time that Google implemented their version and I lived all this time without this feature. Don't really see it as a feature, but rather a nice to have. I hope it doesn't become a pain when using unreliable internet connections with limited bandwidth, so an option to turn it off would be great.
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Thanks for the detailed input, it is appreciated.

Regarding issues like color\contrast, layout, etc.: Once the setting page is completed, much of this will be user configurable so (as is the case with the current DDG page) you will be able to modify it to your person taste.

I believe that auto-suggest will also be configurable to be disabled.

Regarding the Answer, Images and Videos tabs being in the non-scolling header, that's a tough call because they might be helpful even when scrolling through results and it seems like a small amount of real estate to keep them in the header. I'm not sure how much configuration the user will have with the header, would being able to adjust the text size in the header be helpful?

Thanks again!
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Thanks for the reply, and you are welcome for the feedback. But seriously, the very least it needs to be changed is the blue title font color and to enhance the contrast. It is MUCH harder to skim through the results.

I don't understand the advantage of left aligning. Pretty much all websites nowadays center-align. I mean, I understand screen real estate, but the usability is worse. Much worse, when switching between a result and the results page I have to keep turning my neck, and given I am on a 27'' screen, this is pretty bad. It also makes the results page look like a cheap red-themed copy of Google's result page 8 years ago.

About the fixed header and the answer/images/video tabs, this might be worth gathering statistics if ppl click on these after scrolling down or not. I believe people click these before scrolling, if they do scroll, I do not think they would click these tabs afterwards. It is a totally different kind of medium, searching them are completely different problems, using different keywords usually.

Also, new design gives me 5 results in a single page before scrolling vs 6 results in the current design.
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