Thanks for the reply, and you are welcome for the feedback. But seriously, the very least it needs to be changed is the blue title font color and to enhance the contrast. It is MUCH harder to skim through the results.

I don't understand the advantage of left aligning. Pretty much all websites nowadays center-align. I mean, I understand screen real estate, but the usability is worse. Much worse, when switching between a result and the results page I have to keep turning my neck, and given I am on a 27'' screen, this is pretty bad. It also makes the results page look like a cheap red-themed copy of Google's result page 8 years ago.

About the fixed header and the answer/images/video tabs, this might be worth gathering statistics if ppl click on these after scrolling down or not. I believe people click these before scrolling, if they do scroll, I do not think they would click these tabs afterwards. It is a totally different kind of medium, searching them are completely different problems, using different keywords usually.

Also, new design gives me 5 results in a single page before scrolling vs 6 results in the current design.
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 7 months ago Link