My two cents:

For the most part, I like the new redesign, although I would have to try it out to really evaluate it thoroughly especially once the "wow" factor wears off.

How are the images generated? Are you still using Google and Bing images via bangs?

I would like to see DDG wean itself off of using other companies' material and start scowering the web for its own images, videos, audio, songs, patents, real estate, weather, scholarly articles, etc. (Not all at once, just start with the most requested types [images, video, audio, songs] and move onto the more esoteric.] With everything under one search, but allow (via checkboxes) a configuration system that permits users (when registering with say a DDG log in [but NO email address], to save their particular settings.) I realize that this is a big undertaking, but it is worth the efforts.
posted by eohippus 4 years and 8 months ago Link