I noticed when exploring the new DDG is that the options available in the query page is not often consistence. For example:
Mammal hibernation – images, videos
Chair – products, images, videos, meanings, definition
France – about, images, videos, meanings, definition, news, places, products

In my opinion the lack of consistencies do gives a sense of incompleteness and the feeling that the searches are confined to whatever options are available.

I like to offer two suggestions for the settings.
1) Allow users to selectively include or exclude these options to be permanently display in the query page regardless of the search term. The ones excluded can appear by trigger words. For example Bob Smith want only 'about', 'news', 'images' and 'videos' to appear in the query page.
2) Allow users to disable all these options from being visibly displayed but still appears as trigger words.
posted by Mallart 4 years and 8 months ago Link

I hear what you were saying, and we discussed this a lot, but there will literally be hundreds of possible tabs that could come up, and there should be even more over time as we convert and add more open source instant answers. The idea was to surface only those that are relevant and which we have good data for.
posted by yegg Staff4 years and 8 months ago Link