hmmm, strange disconnect
you do not like cleartype because you think its fuzzy but you work on an admittedly old laptop.

what i never get is why people hang on to their old hardware and operating systems complain when the rest of the world moves on.
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The first part of your message doesn't make any sense, using an old notebook and ClearType being fuzzy have no more in common than someone disliking white wine but enjoying snowboarding.

What I never get is why people think new hardware is required for displaying text. Perhaps you could formulate a better response if you take a moment to examine a page of search results and then realize you're looking at a page full of roughly 2-300 words. Why should 300 words require an i7 unless they're textured, bump mapped and getting hit by a hundred real time light sources?
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in my experience many old laptops have lackluster displays, that's all
if that is not your case then that is cool too

i also see a lot of graphics and interactive content in the results, which i appreciate

its all good you enjoy things your way which is fine and i enjoy things in a different way its all good

i wonder how the new design looks in Nexus or Mosaic let us know
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That could be true, and I did consider maybe it was a truckload of extras. However, I'm looking through what's loaded and I don't even see the Images or Videos options functioning. The buttons work but they don't do anything for me and as far as I can see there are no videos or images caching in the background, I figured maybe that part hadn't been enabled yet considering the beta status. Which, if that's the case, bodes even worse for performance when they are turned on.

Which I'm not going to lie, it's upsetting. I liked DDG quite a lot, I don't relish the thought of dropping it. Especially for some of the same reasons I dropped Google, that just stings.
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There are several posts that address the images\video\settings buttons not functioning in certain scenarios. Several users have submitted debugger reports and the Devs are certainly looking at it. This issue didn't come up during Alpha testing and it is issues like this being reported by users that make βeta testing invaluable.

I hope that you will appreciate the new design, once it closer to ready for prime-time and your comments and concerns are appreciated. If you'd like to let us know about your operating environment, I'm sure that the Devs would appreciate it.

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I think some of your feedback here is good. To clear a few things up, the tabs that aren't doing anything won't do anything until you click them. All of their actions are deferred until they're brought into an active state. We do this to prevent the concerns you're mentioning. As far as the font is concerned, there is a setting for that. As a search engine, we're extremely concerned with speed and minimizing bloat. I would appreciate more specific feedback on particular things we can do better here. Feel free to reply here or hit the Feedback button on the SERP!
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