Hi. I love the new search! It looks really good!


- The fact that you hide the exact path of the search results is extremely annoying. At first I thought that I got really bad results, because I thought the result I looked at was actually to the front page of a site, and I knew that was no good for me. I thought maybe they've written about this topic on their front page at one time and that your results where so old that you still showed me that, even though it has been removed from the front page by now.

- Would you please ban all "information about websites"-sites from the search results? Like for example, which is the second result on this query. Noone ever needs those sites. The old DDG was full of them, so I think you've worked on this issue. Thank you for that! But there is still at least one left to ban.

Thank you!
posted by forteller 4 years and 9 months ago Link