Although this is stated to be fixed, I want to throw my opinion on it: auto-suggest.
1) I know it will be an option, but any form of mind-control is never good. Let the people search what they want to. Don't lure them into anything. Be completely agnostic on what the user wants.

2) Layout isn't the best, but it is a beta so I'm sure that'll be fixed.

3) Suggestion: have the left and right arrow keys work your top bar. The up and down already take care of the results.

4) I only saw one arrow in the top bar when looking at the instant results. My search term was pokemon which has 6 meanings. I clicked on the right arrow and can't go back to read the first meaning.

5) Inconsistent top bar! Search giraffe and dog and your results don't look anything alike.

6) A lot of the points that Evropi made I agree with.

Personally, I'm rather happy with the old version. Why change?
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 8 months ago Link