I like the fact that you can now search for images and videos on the duckduckgo site instead of needing to use a different search engine for things like that however I dislike many of the features in the new version:

• I personally preferred the old gradiented header and it would be nice if it was an option to use this in the new design, or would that be included in the classic theme you are going to introduce?

• All searches that include the word 'image' show an images bar above the search even when an image would not be an appropriate result (For example the searches 'can you draw directly to an image using its graphics instance in java' and 'how to add images to an excel spreadsheet' both display image results even though they would not answer the question whereas the old site displayed useful videos for the excel search)

• When the 0-click bar is turned off an empty bar is still displayed for searches that would usually display the products tab e.g. 'hdmi cable' (On both the latest Chrome and Firefox 28 on Windows 7)

• Another minor bug that I noticed was that when I click the menu button the scroll bar disappears causing the rest of the page to move left slightly, this happens in both Firefox and Chrome but does not happen when my browser is in fullscreen mode however. In 'left' placement mode only the related topics section of the about section moves however in the 'middle' placement mode it affects almost all of the page.

• The comics tab that appears when searching for things such as 'xkcd' always displays the image to the left of the screen even when the middle placement is selected in the settings. (Chrome and Firefox)

• The description in the about section is the correct width for the left placement option even when the middle option is selected causing the text to go underneath the related topics box. (Chrome and Firefox)

• The search results don't seem to be as useful as they were before, for example any search with /r/ at the beginning used to provide results for the subreddit of that name however now some of them (such as '/r/mildly interesting' and '/r/twitch plays pokemon') no longer have links to the actual subreddits anywhere on the first page. There are also many other searches that I have found that do not produce as useful results but I am not going to post any more here.

• As many others have said I think that the contrast of the default coloured text against the background is far too low which makes it quite difficult to read. I have changed most of the colours to ones that I prefer now however the visited links always display as the default colour regardless of what is selected in the settings. (Chrome and Firefox)

I appreciate the release of beta versions to allow the community to have a say on the future of the site and I hope that some of these issues will be fixed before the final release.
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 8 months ago Link