Thanks for the input.
Anyway: the shortened URLs are a bit annoying to me. It feels like, when doing a site search, that everything is on the same page (until I hover).
Shortened URL's are now configurable (on\off) in settings and are also off by default if you use the Classic theme.

I can’t get it to work on Android, Dolphin browser. I go to the home page and try to enter something. The keyboard comes up but no characters echo in the search box. I have to make half a dozen attempts before anything shows.
Hmmm, I have Dolphin 11.0.1 on Samsung tablet (Android 4.2.2) and it worked fine, both from the main page input field and from the results page input field. I'm installing Dolphin on my Nexus phone right now, if my results are different from the tablet, I'll report it here.


posted by x.15a2 Community Leader4 years and 9 months ago Link

Brilliant, x.15a2, thank you for letting me know the URLs are configurable. That makes my life a bit easier!

I am on the same version of Dolphin but not sure about Android—I suspect mine is 4.0.1—running on a Huawei Ascend Y200.

If it helps, it seems to like lowercase letters more than uppercase letters (as in I don’t need to repeat the effort as many times with lowercase queries).
posted by jackyan 4 years and 9 months ago Link