I'm enjoying the beta and I like that the community is involved in this. Finally took the time to make an account because of all of this last week. I already see that the searches I made last week with no results now work as expected.

The new instant answers have grown on me. I love being able to have images right there too. I always hated having to do that through Google. I did like how meanings were displayed in a quicker to read vertical list before, but this is more cohesive.

I was a little confused when I noticed some words above the meanings. It looked like it showed there were so many hits in each category?

I like how easy it is now to switch to a dark theme on the side bar. I did like that classic changed the colors of the URLs and made them full again and that there wasn't a dark theme with this option, but I was able to quickly change the URL shortening in the settings.

For link shortening. Maybe another option would be making it more like Firefox where it bolds the main URL and has the rest faded out.

Some about DDG pages are unreadable in the dark theme. For example the bang page and the privacy page.

As I mentioned last time: I miss the gradient header still. I'm not a fan of this flat UI fad.

Regardless, especially in the dark theme, the header is identical to the rest of the page and doesn't stand out at all. I would like for the dark theme to at least give it a slightly different color to differentiate it.

For the rest the colors of the dark theme are nice. I like that it's greys instead of black like the old one. The instant answers boxes look a little out of place with their stark white though.

Also when you go to the colors page in the settings it doesn't seem to know which colors you have enabled already if you're using the dark theme.

I also would like an option to put the site favicons back on the left of the result title instead of underneath. I feel like I see them quicker there.

On other threads there have been mentions of scrolling through images or news with the mouse wheel when they are in a single row before expanded. That would be really cool.
Also, I was wondering, does DDG crawl for images itself or is it using a third party to search for them?

This is all for FF29 Win 8.
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 9 months ago Link