Thanks, jbarret, I hope you implement some way to report bad translations, or, at least, some way to flag them as wrong.

I copy here the link of one of the catalan bad translation:

In the other hand, for the context issue, I think it would be a lot better that, when adding context, instead of links, you should attach screenshots, because I found so many times that the link in the Notes section is not representative of the context (you can see some examples here: and so on. In links provided the string I have to translate doesn't appear).

At last, I would like to know which is the DuckDuckGo policy respecting formality in translations. The common translation guidelines for Catalan language establish that we must use a formal approach to translate the strings oriented to the user (as in "Are you sure you want to quit?", in Catalan would be translated as "Are you sure you want to quit, Sir?", with a medium-high level of formality).

Thank you!
posted by Ecron 4 years and 10 months ago Link

Hey, sorry for the delay in replying.

I think generally, we've leaned toward more informal / friendly forms of language. Since the English we use in stuff like microsites (e.g. is pretty informal we would expect the translations to reflect that.

We trust the judgment of translators a lot to take the context into account on what form to use. If you think the formal form should be used in a given case, then please feel free to submit that and if the consensus is that it's correct it will be up-voted over time.

With the new version of DuckDuckGo, some of the URLs in older token notes currently don't expose the target token. In some cases the feature has changed and the URL is no longer valid. In others, the feature has yet to be ported across to the new version.

I am currently working on some features for the translation interface which should give people better information on where the token appears and how it looks. Reporting bad translations and retiring older tokens is also planned.

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