Just adding to my earlier note (apologies if this should have been part of the reply thread). Things have improved, but there are still some bugs for me.

• Based on my set-up (Android 4.0.1 running Dolphin), I cannot begin any query with an uppercase letter. All queries must be in lowercase. The minute I feed in a capital, the cursor becomes an arrow and I can’t type any more.
• The keyboard usually doesn’t disappear after the query is fed in, and occupies half of the results’ page until I hit backspace. (In fact, the first time I went to the new DDG, no keyboard would appear. I had to exit and clear the cache twice on Dolphin before I could get a keyboard.)
• I no longer have the horizontal bar featuring correct spellings when typing a DuckDuckGo query, which is really frustrating for a guy like me with fat fingers.

I’m happy to take screen shots.

Whatever the case, it has improved a lot since I sampled next.duckduckgo.com last week.
posted by jackyan 4 years and 9 months ago Link