Firstly, I'd just like to eat a few of my words. I opened up DDG just a few minutes ago and noticed the new site had already taken effect, which I'd been dreading. Well, I figured I owed it to you guys at least to give it another decent go. I'm pleased to report that the Cleartype is no longer forcing itself to be active (it does show up initially, however it disappears once settings are loaded), and performance is drastically improved from when I tried it last week. When I say drastically, I mean it. Like instead of a slideshow, it actually scrolls. It's still not as snappy as the old site but it is usable. I judged it (and you) far too harshly and quickly when you hadn't really done anything to deserve it outside of making, what I perceived to be, one more horribly performing website.

That said, I'd like to dust off and re-submit a suggestion I gave a few years ago that never saw the light of day. I'd still really love to see an option that stops whole singular results from being one large button. I know there's a highlight option in the colors that can be disabled, which is nice but not specifically what I'm referring to. The text that isn't actually a link is still clickable, which I'd like to see an option to disable so that the only possible way to open a link is to click on the link itself.
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 8 months ago Link