HI, I did not select the whole appt., just the search, and making duck my open page; something like that.

My main reason for abandoning google, was that I was looking for a free movie< ok? I stopped doing that; there are no NEW free movies anywhere; they are all blocked,even you tube) but guess what was happeniing to my google searches? they were getting cut off, and blocked. it finally showed up on the detail, as "O.S.N.Oregon Survelliance Network", a website. They were indicated as the "Security" blocking me off on google from even LOOKING, SEARCHING for a free movie on google, on the Web! So here in Oregon, I was cut off in the state of Oregon, USA, and it wws google they were latching onto.

BOY, is that enough to make you paranoid? I called up my favorite local radio show, here in Eugene-Springfield, OR, and told about it, to them, right over the air.The guys on the radio instantly looked up "O.S.N." and the info, claimed they were a gambling-casino-security co. HA HA. SO if that's true, why did they sign their detaill as the people censoring my link? i was not searching for casinos! The guys on the radio laughed, and said"they CLAIM to be a casino security co,. itt might not be true at all!"and the radio host said, "everything you say, or do on line is now spied on! you cannot get any privacy on it, even searches or email."

They were right, so I have dumped google for duckduckgo search. Your ad says duck is not tracking you.I'm so sick of all of googles' intrusiveness!! If I wanta look for a free movie, hey, there are free legal movies too!Excuse the bad typing; I see now that ALL THE WEB IS SPIED ON NOW, and there's no freedom left on it.

But I am giving duck-search a go, because google seems to let spying go on,, & track everything you do on google. Even a local Oregon survelliance network. (O.S.N.) I was not miistaken about them cutting off my search. I wonder now if other states in the USA, have their own "state survaillance Network" too. Here, I am going to try & avoid taking any new apps or stuff, except for duckduckgo search engine. (and open page. (HOW DO I PUT A GIF OFF MT DOWNLOADS, ONTO THIS NOTE? ANYONE KNOW?) Thank you.
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 9 months ago Link