You wrote: " if you use any YouTube account you're still monitored by Google"

That is correct. But if it's a temporary account with no connection to other personally identifiable information about you as an individual, then data gathered from the account is in effect useless for tracking you.

Google would know someone at that account watched the video, but they couldn't necessarily connect that data with your personal data profile.

If you're interested in rough ideas as to how this might be implemented, feel free to check out my response to the comment below.

Thanks for responding!

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As severuscold said, they track your IP and probably the user-agent too, like in 99% of websites.
DDG doesn't track you but it can't modify the behaviour of other websites.
If you really don't want to be tracked for normal browsing you could use Tor.
Hope this helps.
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Yup, I wonder if forwarding the request through a VPN would help with the IP part.

Also, couldn't DDG modify the request in flight by overwriting the youtube video url with a URL that hits them first? Then they can fiddle with the request and forward an anonymized version on to youtube.

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