Instead of a 'secret youtube account', DuckDuckGo could go ahead and mirror commonly-watched youtube videos.
For people that do not know what 'mirroring' means: Basically, DDG will download the video to their servers, and then let people watch it through their (non-youtube, non-tracking) player at a later time.

The drawback to this approach is of course that it takes lots of space to save videos.

Another thing I would like, is if the Video results would not only consist of YouTube videos, but instead also use Vimeo, DailyMotion, Veoh, and possibly other sources. YouTube certainly is the biggest, but by no means the only or the best video sharing platform for each kind of search query.
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Second the other sources. As for implementation method, I imagine there are a lot of engineers who would be better at that than I. But to get around the mirroring, which might break EULA for some sites, maybe they could forward the request through a VPN to hide the IP from google. If someone who specializes in networks has any insight, I'd be curious what the best way to implement it would be.
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I just looked at the source and they seem to be caching the video placeholder images already.


And then iframing with no cookie if you watch on DDG.


So I wonder if it would be possible to modify the URL so it hits DDG's server, then forwards the real URL to youtube through the VPN.

Anyway, if anyone knows how to make this work, do share. :)
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There are multiple services out there that instantly let you download the .flv (the actual video file YouTube and similar flash-based solutions use) when you enter a YouTube URL. DuckDuckGo could create a system like that as well. This file could then be forwarded to the user from a DuckDuckGo server.

In this case, the system would work on-demand, and thus not have such a big space usage, as video files will be removed from the server, X minutes after a request.
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