I'm not sure that I entirely grasp your request, but

- Install “Add to Search Bar” Firefox extension from ...

doesn't sound like anything that DDG can do for you. Fortunately!

Maybe you just want to preserve cookies. I've suggested something of the like previously:

Hope that helps
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> Maybe you just want to preserve cookies.

No. There really is a reason why the title says “without using cookies.” I clearly stated that the purpose is to save your preferences IN THE FIREFOX SEARCH BAR. You just did not read carefully.

> “I’m not sure that I entirely grasp your request”

It is not a request, it’s a statement. But I will be happy to explain it more completely for those who do not comprehend. Many Firefox users have their home page set to show a menu of their favorite web sites, as depicted here:

If you want DDG to use your custom search preferences, you would have to use DDG as your home page instead. But many people do not want to change their custom home page. They would rather just type something into the search bar. But if you go to the DDG site and click on the “Use in Firefox” gadget, the custom search preferences will not be included when DDG is added to the Firefox search bar. I am merely showing people how they can set this up manually until the DDG developers figure out how to install it automatically. This is something the users have been complaining about since DDG was launched, and I am offering them a workable solution. I was motivated to do this because I am now receiving tech support complaints from my clients that DDG wont save their search preferences in the way they want it to. The way they want it to work is WITHOUT using cookies, passwords, or cloud storage.

When this is set up correctly, DDG will always use your custom search preferences even if your cookies have been deleted, without the hassle of clicking on something else to retrieve those settings from the cloud. There is technically no reason why DDG cannot offer its users a 1-click method to install DDG in the search bar this way. I have written feedback to DDG about this and it was ignored. I am just giving the users what DDG will not. If you dont feel comfortable using the Firefox extension, feel free to disable or uninstall it after it has done its job of adding the custom search string to the search bar. I did not write the extension myself, I just know what tools to use to get the job done because tech support is my profession. The method of preserving cookies which you suggested is simply a less reliable way to achieve this effect, as the user (or some Firefox extensions) might delete the cookies and then you might have to go back and re-create all of your custom search settings. My method of preserving custom search settings is less annoying & bothersome than the other methods because you never have to browse to another page or click on anything extra if you dont want to. Other people clearly understand the value in this, and I appreciate their feedback.
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Thank you so much <hidden> for your valuable contribution! I love DDG and have sought a solution to losing “my settings” every time I exit the Firefox browser. For months, I have looked and tried all solutions offered. Nothing worked. YOU have solved it and with elegant simplicity. Hopefully, others learn of your contribution without the solution hidden away.
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