Maybe I am easily pleased but I have now been using DDG in Aviator Browser for some time and it beats the pants off of all the other well known and not so known browsers and search engines. It is lightening quick even though I am still on old copper gets me what I want every time ,never lets me down . Compare it with Google which many people here compare it with. Google takes you to paid for sites IT thinks you should go to limits your range by repeating same websites on every page and tracks you . I hope those who love Google realise that a new way of tracking you is coming out because of business complaints to Google against people like me who have automatic deletion of all cookies called AdID which will track you over ALL Google networks including Google + Google G-Mail and your cellnet phone and doesnt use cookies. They say they will bring out a new system that the NSA/GCHQ cant hack-Wrong ! its already being panned on the net. so,sorry my opinion of Google is the pits . I LOVE DDG and no I dont work for them.
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 6 months ago Link