What I have noticed is that my protection program is throwing up more -not recommended sites as apposed to malware sites that are completely blocked by my protection program. The not recommended sites arent blocked just the known malware ones. Non recommended can be iffy material on the site or political or medical even they are getting quite intensive now due to parents of children complaining to ISP,s I have seen a massive list of -not recommended sites on websites that list internet protection issues. In saying that I have come across some websites near or at the top of the list on a webpagethat are blocked but trying non-DDG in the past brought up even more especially some well known download sites and if you enter -Free programs-there is a big increase in bad sites but this has been publicised by many virus protection companies and PC Mags as being a great increase in number -its like -download a free virus.So its a case of a large increase in number rather than a fault in DDG.
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 5 months ago Link