Wont it defeat the whole purpose of DDG if it shows ads and as you say it means tracking ? I installed a non-tracking browser that uses DDG just so I would never have to bother about being tracked as well as ABP and Ghostery . Its great not to be directed to paid websites which is what Google and the rest do and not receive emails related to my browsing habits . I know for a fact Google are unhappy with people like me that block cookies and are trying to overcome it.But what you want DDG to is cut its own throat by becoming another Google if that day arrives its good-bye DDG. Many people post comparing DDG with Google and want all the same things that Google does this is self-defeating its like a soft attack on you -be strong the silent majority are with you. -at the moment no tracking or ads are showing on your site.
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 6 months ago Link