Whilst I do not exactly identify as a programming type (have very limited skills there), I have used I2P numerous times & had a good look at a few things.

I would be of the strong opinon of agreeing with you & that DDG should look at setting up an 'eepsite' on I2P for DDG search initally. My understanding is a eepsite would need to be hosted on a DDG server but could run 'jailed/chrooted' so that if anyone did hack it on there it would be contained inside the server.

I could look into this further as I recently reached out to one of the dev's via Twitter regarding I2P but I have not heard back from him yet. I would really like to work on this & take ownership of making this happen.

I'm no expert at Linux though I have been using it since 1999. I feel I could at the very least help quite a bit & further my association with volunteering at DDG.

I'm on XMPP as jlg@dukgo.com (I also have OTR for off the record chats) so for quick contact use that.


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