I signed on after the broadcast and update were complete and thought google had finally pulled the plug on xmpp federation. Then I found this.

For what it's worth, I did get a few friends to sign up for dukgo xmpp, partially because of google's new abomination, "hangouts", and partially because of the privacy and anonymity offered by

I doubt that google will want to enable server-to-server xmpp encryption, as they're trying to phase out xmpp altogether. I've sent feedback to them about deficiencies in hangouts, but I think this is perhaps a "Windows Metro" moment for them, where they will do it regardless of what we say.

Even without this recent change, I already lost most of the people on my google list to hangouts. For those who don't know, anyone using hangouts will appear online, but they will silently drop any xmpp message you send them. They also can't message non-google users from hangouts. All android users are being pushed to upgrade to hangouts. It comes in with the normal android updates, and it's nearly impossible to reject it.

gmail has the option of using the original chat, and that will work with non-google xmpp, but I've got only 1-2 people on my dukgo list that still use the original chat.

So, goodbye to google xmpp federation. It was already 95% gone for me by now, so this security update doesn't really bother me. Thanks for making dukgo xmpp more secure :)

My current setup (all using psi+): xmpp - for the people I chat with most xmpp - I can chat with my google hangouts friends from here xmpp - to talk with family members who won't get a real instant messenger

Now I go through and remove the google contacts from my account. Federation was nice while it lasted.
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