Nope. Cloud url doesn't stick either.

I do not recall ever seeing underneath the url param the json string and underneath that the cookie data. The url param has always worked before. I'm not a techie but I've been all over my computer settings and everything seems the way it was when the url got bumped 8/7. I updated java yesterday after getting bumped. Idk...

If there is any more light you can shed, it would be appreciated. Thanks. Barbara
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Thank you for posting the full url above. There was indeed another bug and that helped me find it. I have a fix for it and it should be released to the site shortly. Will let you know.

Thanks again for your help + patience while we worked through it!
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URL parameters still not working. Loading parameters from cloud makes most of them stick but not all. Also, Search Term is showing in tab using Firefox 31 (with Classic Theme Restorer 1.2.3) despite GET Requestd being set to Off.

I swear by DDG rather than Google but this, on top of the major changes to parameters a while ago, is getting quite irritating.
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We just released another fix. Can you try again and let me know if it is working now?

If not, can you post the specific URL param link you're using that doesn't work?
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Hi, Thanks for your prompt response. I just tried again and it's still the same. Things changed some time last weekend. Last week everything was fine. I have done no Windows, Firefox or any other software updates during this time.

I am using Windows 7 Home Basic, Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox 31.0 (with Classic Theme Restorer [Customize Australis] Version 1.2.3). I also use Avast antivirus software, Windows Defender, DoNotTrackMe and Adblock Plus.

I always use private browsing and accept session cookies which are deleted at the end of the session. Third party cookies are never accepted.

The symptoms are the same using both Firefox and IE as follows:

* All URL Parameters are ignored.

* Loading settings from the cloud (which are identical to the URL parameters) applies most of my settings but not all. These settings are retained until I close the browser, even if I exit from DDG and then go back to it.

* Most noticeable of the settings that fail, even from the cloud, is the GET request (kg=p), which is set to "Off". If I do a search for, say, "Xmas", the search tab description in both IE and Firefox would now be "Xmas at DuckDuckGo". Before these problems occurred, the tab description was just "DuckDuckGo", i.e. it didn't show the search term, which is what I want.

The URL parameters link is:

I emphasise that these URL parameters worked perfectly last week and have not been changed.

The same settings are used when loading from the cloud (excluding, of course, the "").

I hope this helps and that you can find a solution.

If you need any more information, please don't hesitate to ask.


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Thank you so much for posting all these details. You helped me find 2 major bugs that are now fixed:
1. We weren't clearing the title of the page for the POST setting, so it was still showing the search term in the browser tab.
2. We weren't correctly parsing the url parameters when the color variable had a '#' in it. So everything after the first '#' was getting lost and not applied.

Both of these fixes are live. I think all of the settings in your bookmarklet URL above are being applied correctly now. Please let me know if you hit any other issues so we can get them fixed.

Thanks again!
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