Funding of any kind at any level does NOT equal changing the fundamentals of ANY business. Changes which occur in a business are the result of decisions made by those who hold the "power". The idea that
funding (money) = Evil and destruction is a simplistic, Marxist view of economics and has no place here.
If ...., for example, the owner of DDG or any other concept, corporation, invention, discovery, etc.. decides to sell their hard earned interest in same, then those who buy it are entitled to do as they please and they owe you and I nothing! Not to worry however, the "Market Place" will address this situation "naturally" and another DDG will spring up and that DDG will survive where the old DDG failed (are we following this idea together?). That's why there is a DDG here now so that we can even discuss this. Therefore the future of a truly independent DDG type search engine is not and will not be predicated upon money , it will be predicated upon if the primary stock holder sells their control of the endeavor. I for one hope that person/s preserves DDG and it's bright future. I will hope to be able to have a chance to purchase shares in the event of an IPO and .......
Which is more important to me right now than the bloody IPO and it better have the Duck on there in full color!
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