You honestly believe that? The NSA decide they want data from DDG so they approach them and they say "Sorry we don't have any"? So you're saying you suspect the NSA will go "Oh Ok.. let's try elsewhere so"? Hardly. They will force them to collect it, put a gagging order and fine them if they don't comply.
that is some interesting speculation but only speculation

by the way where in any of the ddg help or information files do you find information saying that they will safeguard you from the nsa? i have read through quite a bit and the information says that they do not track you and do not share your personal information like other search engines do but they are clearly talking about not letting your search information into the hand of other corporations for the purpose of tracking you for profit

As long as DDG is incorporated in the USA or has servers in the USA you may as well use Google - it's a false sense of security/privacy/anything else
have fun with that
you are clearly making a case based on conjecture and speculation
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Clearly based on conjecture? The evidence is already there to see - if your company or servers are US based you bow to the demands of the NSA or you will be crushed. Yahoo fined $250,000 per DAY for not cooperating, lavabit chose to shutdown rather than co-operate. There's no conjecture or speculation about it, this is the way it is. Don't be so naive
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