Hi @RidgeCap,

I can't seems to reproduce the bug neither in Mozilla Firefox (v33.0) nor Google Chrome (v38.0.2125.104 m) on Windows 7, both with default DDG settings.

Have you customized the DDG settings?
Also, knowing what browser/OS you're running could help as well.
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I just tried the search again and only got 'disk' a couple times. It seems that I often get the undesired word, the "minus word", as a result and when I try a while later the results will be different; it happens in DDG, ixquick/startpage and of course google, which was one reason I stopped using !G. I think it must be a random bug. Those search engines seem to have the habit of skewing results when the want to and other times perform as hoped.

Web browser: iCab 5.2 - latest release. Operating system: Mac OS 10.7.5 - latest my hardware can run. Other browsers I have have available include Safari, Firefox, OmniWeb, SeaMonkey.
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