I am intrested in doing this. Can anyone guide me throug this?
posted by arajparaj 4 years and 5 months ago Link

I was interested in this too, I wrote a perl script to pull the data out of the html table from that wikipedia article.

I have not yet written an instant answer plugin myself, so I' might not the best person to function as a guide. But I'd love to work on the data source, if you want to implement the actual goodie (since I didn't start myself).

I made a new branch for this on my github

Look in the /share/goodie/independece_day directory if you want. There is a copy of the html table from wikipedia and a perl script that converts it into json. It needs some work still, but it's a start. I'm not sure what the preferred way to store data in text files is for goodies, but i went with json.

I also added test file (/t/IndependenceDay.t) and the actual goodie script (/lib/DDG/Goodie/ Those two are just copies of the template ones, I have't actually touched them.

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