What happened to the previous response:

> TL:Dr: No plans of ever updating this again.

The bang at the end felt much more natural and I switched to it when I found out that it was possible.

As far as I know, no other search engine uses punctuation in providing search results, so I doubt the inadvertant redirection is a common problem (especially since DDG attracts advanced users). Then again, I don't have access to any kind of real-world usage, but using other search engines has conditioned me to not expect punctuation to work.

> So it's either users will learn the official syntax, or learn that there is a setting for it.

Does this setting currently exist? I would definitely use this feature if it did.
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Sorry about that! I replied to my comment there for future viewing. Unfortunately, the prediction I made back then was largely off and the amount of people inadvertently getting sent to websites has gone up, perhaps because of the !bang autocomplete introduction during the redesign earlier this year.

As for the impact, we hope(d) it will be minimal as a small fraction of a percent of queries actually use bang!
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