Google, Yahoo, Bing & co. are "forced" from a very long time, I hope you can consider them untrustworthy as well.
Anyway, I'm not on Windows but I can remove every search engine from where x.15a2 suggested. So seems strange... are all of them greyed out to you or DDG only?
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Thanks for your input. I downloaded FF last evening and tested as you did and I found that all default search engines (G, Y, B, Amazon, DDG, eBay, Twitter and Wikipedia) can be removed, except that 1 (any 1) must be kept. So, if there is only 1 search engine in the list, it cannot be deleted and the Remove button is unavailable. So, if you want to delete any particular search engine, just click the Restore Defaults button, then delete all that you want, leaving the one that seems the least forced behind.
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Ah,I see.
The first thing I did when I downloaded Firefox a few years ago was get rid of all the search engines.:)I found the Startpage site addressed my needs just fine.
And thanks very much for your suggestion 15a2,much appreciated.If it doesn't work I 'll let you know.:)
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