Hi all and thanks for your replies !
I might have been a bit 'harsh' but I still think my comment is appropriate and relevant !
I deal with a lot of people and equipment and I strongly support DDG's efforts but when I recommend users to switch and load up DDG for the first time, (on their machine(s)), their initial reaction always seems the same, in that, when presented with, (who I now know to be), 'DAX', everyone is all smiles and nice...., however...., a week later I'll see their machine displaying DDG's main competitor yet again and the common trait I've noticed is that the users always mention 'DAX' !
Cheers !
posted by NelMac 4 years and 1 month ago Link

Dax is my BAE!!!!!!!
posted by apr181 4 years and 1 month ago Link
Are you sure it is honestly because of Dax, or do you think that was just an easy go-to excuse? I mean, let's not forget that the name of the search engine itself is DuckDuckGo which isn't exactly the internet's pinnacle of adulthood and professionalism. It's probably more a reason of familiarity with the more popular search engine you're speaking of than an issue with the logo's appearance. The logo is just may be the most glaringly-obvious difference that they notice first.
Also, if the logo was such an off-putting issue, wouldn't that turn them away almost immediately, as opposed to a week later? That's how it would be for me.

All this being said, I really hope they never change Dax.
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