Fantastic guys! With your patience I'll share some thoughts for you to think about.

I am biased, but the "beer tourism" type of queries may be the easiest place to start:

If you currently query "brewpubs in boston", the Places IA kicks in with the OSM and Yelp info presented. This tells me that some of the moving parts for this type of query response already exist, primarily DDG's connection to OSM which makes for a fantastic presentation within a detail pane. Plus, I think I remember seeing that the response from the /locations endpoint at breweryDB contains lat/lon coordinates!

The down side to this avenue is there may be more work involved in solving this seeming conflict!

Regarding the "beer education" type of query, I haven't found anything else that presents this info as quickly and painlessly as an IA would, so new and novel is a win:

I also have, and am willing to contribute, an official list of beer styles already typed up that could perhaps be really handy for a triggers.txt sort of use.

Any gut reactions out there? Thanks!!
posted by rHoover 4 years and 2 months ago Link