Can you give an example of the full url it takes you to?

Have you tried this recently? We made a fix to the google news bangs a few days ago and I'm wondering if you problem is related.
posted by jdorw Staff4 years and 1 month ago Link

well... it looks like it could be related indeed :)
as I said, the URL I'm taken to depend on the bang I use : either "https://encrypted.google.com/" or the country home page if the bang is country specific e.g. "https://www.google.at/" with !gnat
posted by seiya 4 years and 1 month ago Link
It's still faulty and has been for approx. 7 days (browsers tested = Firefox/Chromium, OS= Linux Mint 17, country = UK) ...

!n at https://encrypted.google.com/ gives me https://encrypted.google.com/

posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 1 month ago Link