@TV – you wrote “ There is no need for a PC app, DDG is a search engine.”

You could be right about there not being a NEED for PC or (more generally speaking a desktop) version of DDGs Search & Stories app for mobile devices. I can understand why developing a desktop version (whatever that would look like) might not be a high priority for devs atm.

That being said (now that I'm off of using most big sites with nasty privacy & data collection policies) I enjoy spending a few minutes in the morning perusing DDG stories with a cup of coffee in hand. Lots of interesting things to check out with those stories and man does the layout ever look great on my Galaxy Note.

Maybe I'm on my own here but I'd love to be able to have access to the same “Stories” (with the same or a similar layout as the app because I think it looks lovely) from my desktop or browser.

As for DDG being a search engine you are right but thats not all it is. For example DDG also offers an XMPP Chat service (which I use regularly btw). I think/hope that DDG will continue to roll-out new and innovative services that will grow the user base while maintaining its commitment to privacy, open source and community.

I could be wrong about this (wouldn't be the first time) but I'd say that DDG is much more than just a search engine.

/end rant
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You raise a valid point and others have also requested that the "Stories" feature of the DDG app be made available for desktop OS's. Unfortunately resources are not currently available for a project of this nature.

I will touch base with the developers and will let you know if anything is on the (distant) horizon for a desktop app\browser add-on\etc.

Thanks for using DDG!
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Hi x.15a2 thanks for the response!

I'm one of the people who has been encouraging DDG to release some sort desktop/browser friendly version of “Search & Stories” so I thank you for any assistance you can offer in making this happen. I realize DDG has lots it wants to do and so I can wait for a desktop version. That being said hopefully we can make this happen in the not toooooo distant future. I'm happy to help with its development in anyway that I can but I'm no dev, so I can't do much other than beta test and test for usability.

In the meantime it would be great if some sort of unofficial hack or !bang command could be developed to replicate to some extent what stories app does. Just an idea.

Lastly, x.15a2 thanks for reaching out and offering to take my request to the developers. Please know that it is greatly appreciated.
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Can't say too much, but yes, this is something we'd like to do and we've discussed it a bit internally.

We'll be sure to announce any relevant updates, so stay tuned ;)
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Nice! Plz do keep us posted.
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