Hi x.15a2 thanks for the response!

I'm one of the people who has been encouraging DDG to release some sort desktop/browser friendly version of “Search & Stories” so I thank you for any assistance you can offer in making this happen. I realize DDG has lots it wants to do and so I can wait for a desktop version. That being said hopefully we can make this happen in the not toooooo distant future. I'm happy to help with its development in anyway that I can but I'm no dev, so I can't do much other than beta test and test for usability.

In the meantime it would be great if some sort of unofficial hack or !bang command could be developed to replicate to some extent what stories app does. Just an idea.

Lastly, x.15a2 thanks for reaching out and offering to take my request to the developers. Please know that it is greatly appreciated.
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 13 hours ago Link